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Kim Goes Strawberry Picking!
Providence Bridge Pedal 2003: Staring Moira!
Providence Bridge Pedal 2003: Staring Hannah!
Providence Bridge Pedal 2003: Staring Yours Truly!
Providence Bridge Pedal 2003: Victory!
Maria & John in Boston's North End
If You've Seen Blue Man Group, You'll Understand.
Halloween 2003: Staring Moira!
Halloween 2003: Staring Hannah!
Halloween 2003: Who has the better smile?
Hallween 2003: Illumination!
Hannah and Bryce Go Vietnamese!
Kim And Her Avocado Smoothie
Matt's Annual Camping Trip 2004
Ethan & Cindy Make a Mean McMuffin
Matt Relaxes and Enjoys the Good Life
Jason aka Vinny
Cindy and Kennedy Watch Us Play Disc Golf
Celebrating at Eric's Wedding
Sarah and Andrew at the Classical Chinese Garden
Matt and Ethan on The Trail
The Boys
Jason's Housewarming
I'm Da Man!
Matt and Jason Singing Around the Fire
Playing Tourist with Maria in Portland